Delmet provides solutions to chronic Wear, Abrasion, Corrosion and Erosion problems.


Delmet Coatings (Pvt) Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Acts, UK which has built a niche for service and quality in the field of engineered coatings for the repair of worn components and to enhance service life of new components for over the past three decades. Worn or corroded parts can be rebuilt to better than new condition with advanced materials.


The surface properties of any component can be vastly improved by thermal spraying with superior alloys, carbides, ceramics or plastics. For example, a carbon steel shaft can be sprayed with stainless steel for increased resistance to salt water.


  • Our Technology is superior to welding.
  • No distortion, cracks or damage to parent metal.
  • Rebuilt part lasts longer & costs less than new
  • Parts can be rebuilt within hours in emergency
  • Save on down time instead of long wait fot new part

Delmet’s Technology Expertise

Thermal spraying processes have been widely used for many years throughout all the major engineering industry sectors for component protection and reclamation. Recent equipment and process developments have improved the quality and expanded the potential application range for thermal sprayed coatings

Thermal spraying is a well established technology for applying wear and corrosion resistant coatings in many key industrial sectors, including aerospace, automotive, power generation, petrochemical and offshore. In recent years, improvements to equipment and material quality have enhanced the technical credibility of the thermal spraying processes, leading to a significant growth in new markets, e.g., biomedical, dielectric and electronic coatings.

Benefits Of Thermal Spraying

  • Comprehensive choice of coating materials : Alloys, Ceramics, Cermets and Carbides.
  • Thick Coating can be applied at high deposition rates.
  • Coatings are mechanically bonded to the subtrate-can often spray coating materials which are metallurgically incompatible with the subtrate, e.g. materials with a higher melting point than the subtrate.
  • Components can be sprayed with little or no pre-or post-heat treatment, and component distortion is minimal.
  • Parts can be rebuilt quikly and at low cost, and usually at a fraction of the price of replacement.
  • By using a premium material for the thermal spray coating, coated components can outlive new parts.
  • Thermal spray coatings may be applied both manually and automatically.

Industrial Advantages

  • Re-establishment of worn out machine parts.
  • Expensive time-consuming new preparations are avoided
  • Shorter down-times
  • No distortion of the work piece
  • Interesting material mating (e.g. Steel on Aluminium)
  • No rework by covering of unwanted coating places.
  • New Layer function selectable independently to base material.
  • Good workability of the sprayed coatings.
  • Flexibility by onsite metal spraying and deposit welding.
  • Time and cost saving.

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